Indulge in opulence at Century Resort in Dandeli.

Discover the allure of Century Resort in Dandeli, offering a collection of 17 cottages, 6 Maharaja tents, and 4 Swiss tents, totaling 27 premium rooms. With in-room dining and a variety of engaging activities, your vacation becomes a treasure trove of enduring memories. A haven for nature enthusiasts exploring Dandeli’s wildlife sanctuary, Century Resort is the epitome of luxury. Immerse yourself in tranquility and relish stunning jungle views. As one of the premier lake-view resorts in Dandeli, Century Resort assures an extraordinary retreat. Your search for the finest ends here—book your stay for an unparalleled experience.

One of Century Resort’s standout features is its breathtaking lake view. Awaken to the sight of calm waters and verdant landscapes, creating a picturesque backdrop for your entire stay. As the day unfolds, immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings, savoring the beauty of the expansive green jungle stretching as far as the eye can see. Beyond just accommodations, Century Resort is dedicated to providing a seamless and delightful experience. Indulge in the convenience of in-room dining services, allowing you to enjoy delectable meals in the privacy of your own space. The culinary offerings showcase a harmonious blend of local flavors and international cuisines, ensuring a gastronomic journey that mirrors the diverse surroundings.

Garden View Cottage

The Garden View Cottages at our disposal boast modern amenities, meeting the needs of our guests while presenting enchanting vistas of the verdant garden. Redefining the very concept of comfort, these cottages create an optimal environment to immerse yourself in the charm of the surrounding scenery. Every room is outfitted with air conditioning and wireless internet access, guaranteeing a luxurious stay amidst the serene embrace of nature. Break free from the monotony of your bustling routine with a revitalizing escape into the wilderness of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary.

Swiss Tent Rooms

Much like the Maharaja Tents, the luxurious Swiss Tents come well-appointed with contemporary conveniences, ensuring the comfort of our guests. These accommodations exude a regal and delightful ambiance, boasting a bathroom with a bath and a flat-screen TV. The expansive layout of these tents guarantees an unforgettable experience, offering a seamless blend of luxury and comfort. Featuring air conditioning and wireless internet access, these tents effortlessly incorporate modern amenities within the natural beauty of the surroundings. Take a break from the monotony of your bustling life and embark on a rejuvenating journey to the wilderness of the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary.

Maharaja Tents

Exemplifying opulence at Magenta Resort, the Maharaja Tent Rooms provide a regal and magnificent retreat. Adorned with a royal aesthetic, these tents boast a well-appointed bathroom with a bath and a flat-screen TV, delivering a lavish experience for guests. Meticulously designed, the spacious cottages cater to every modern need, ensuring a memorable stay. Additionally, a small enclosed garden at the rear enhances the overall experience, providing a secluded space for complete relaxation. Indulge in simple leisure activities, like reading amidst lush greenery or unwinding on the expansive deck area. Remarkably, Century Resort stands as the exclusive provider of such distinguished tent rooms in Dandeli.

Lake View Cottage

Complete with en-suite bathrooms, our hotel’s dormitories are equipped with foldable beds and a continuous power supply. Designed to comfortably host approximately 10 guests, these dormitories also boast a stylish living room, creating a welcoming communal space. The living quarters come furnished with cozy beds, functional furniture, and a well-appointed bathroom, providing convenience and comfort during your stay. Enjoy the versatility of the living room, the restful beds, and the thoughtfully arranged furniture, making your experience in our dormitories both practical and pleasant. Immerse yourself in a space designed to cater to your needs with essential amenities for a delightful stay.